USB-C Power Delivery Decoy Board

Blot is an open source plotter built by Hack Club. Over the Summer of 2023, I did an in person internship in Shelburne, VT to develop a custom control board and a CYPD-3177 based USB-C Power Delivery Sink breakout. The PD Sink Breakout is a small form factor breakout board enabling USB-C Power Delivery from supported power sources at up to 20V @ 5A. It's open source designed in KiCAD v7.

Image Gallery

I built a dynamic image gallery that stores images to Cloudinary CDN and maintains a database of CDN links and EXIF data on Supabase. The gallery pulls images when loaded to be populated with optimized image previews. Important EXIF data is also shown, and each image is linked to the full size image. It powers my photography portfolio.

Sprig Hardware

Sprig is an open source game console designed by Hack Club meant to simplify game development for beginners without prior experience with coding. I designed the hardware of the Sprig console in KiCAD v6 and was responsible for the procurement of over 400 assembled units.

USB2 Type-C Implementation Guide

I wrote a brief explainer explaining how to easily convert older USB-based designs to a more modern Type-C standard. This document has been used to help people with their designs for Hack Club's Onboard grant program as well as my SL2.1A based USB2 Hub.

4 Port USB2 Type-C Hub

Upgrading the original ZephyrHub designed in 2021, this new design has four Type-C outputs in contrast to the original USB-A outputs. It serves as an excellent reference design used in the USB-C Conversion Primer.